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Welcome to an exciting day here at RedMagic! There’s a lot going on with new details on the new RedMagic 5S going live for the first time and even more chances to win even more RedMagic 5S gaming smartphones! So let's jump right in and see what all the excitement is about!

Starting today you can get your first in-depth look at the RedMagic 5S! Learn all the details and everything you need to know about this new and powerful gaming smartphone by heading on over to the RedMagic 5S product page. Such as the latest in memory storage technology with UFS 3.1 for faster load times and navigation or the fastest available screen refresh rate at 144Hz. The RedMagic 5S also takes the famously powerful cooling system from RedMagic and takes a step further with the ICE 4.0 Active Liquid-Cooling with Turbo Fan cooling system, keeping the phone cool while at max performance longer than ever before.

Anxious to get your hands on the upcoming RedMagic 5S gaming smartphone? Then here is some good news. Pre-orders for the RedMagic 5S will start on August 26th at 7PM HKT / 1PM CET / 7AM EST!!

Hoping to be one of the lucky few to be the first to have a RedMagic 5S by winning it through the RedMagic: 5th Space event? The winners for the first lucky draw - yes, first, there will be another - are listed below, at the bottom of this post, feel free to scroll down and see who won what! Congratulations to all of our winners for the first lucky draw! If you don’t see your name, don’t worry. There will be a second lucky draw, with even more phones available! Continue reading to learn more.

Herbie, our resident Strategist whom we first met at the very beginning of this grand adventure, found out he miscalculated and it turns out we got a little further to go still. But fear not, this is to your advantage. From today, August 19th until August 26th, Herbie has opened up more tasks for you to complete so that anyone that has 60 or more entries, including the entries you have already collected, can participate in a second lucky draw! In this second lucky draw, to make up for Herbie’s miscalculation, among the available prizes there will be 4 RedMagic 5S gaming smartphones up for grabs!

To take part in the next phase of the RedMagic: 5h Space for a second and final chance to win a RedMagic 5S! Just click here and complete the list of additional tasks to get more entries. Be quick though, August 26th is going to be here before you know it.

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