The premium gaming smartphone - without the premium price tag

From ¥368

The next generation of smartphone gaming starts now.

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Hybrid Cooling

Innovative liquid and air cooling technologies provide superior heat dissipation for maximum gaming performance.

Our premium copper heatpipe contains deionized vapor, which evaporates and condenses to direct heat away from the CPU and GPU.

Dedicated gaming buttons

Customize the RedMagic Mars’ capacitive shoulder buttons for a competitive edge. No need to carry around an extra gamepad - the RedMagic Mars is a gamepad.

ESports Inspired RGB

100% necessary? Probably not. Awesome? Yes. Customize your look with 16.8 million colors and brilliant lighting effects.

Ludicrous specs

Enhanced gaming MODE

Enter RedMagic Game Space with the flip of a switch. Performance is optimized and calls/notifications are blocked to avoid interruption. Quickly view and launch your games from the dedicated gaming dashboard. It’s a gaming console - in your pocket.


In competitive gaming, sound matters. Pinpoint enemy movements with dual stereo speakers and cinema-grade surround sound technologies.

  • - DTS 7.1 (DTS:X) (virtual) surround sound
  • - 3D stereo speakers
  • - Smart PA amplification

Immersive 4D Gaming

Feel the action with enhanced, custom-calibrated haptic feedback. The RedMagic Mars’ dedicated gaming vibration engine brings a new level of realism to in-game gunfire, explosions, and more.

  • - Console-grade haptic technology
  • - 1,000+ vibration patterns
  • - Custom-calibrated for realism

Android 9.0 (Pie)

When you’re not in gaming mode, the RedMagic Mars features a Stock Android 9.0 experience. No bloatware, no pre-installed games, no overbearing skins. It’s your phone - use it how you want to.


Stunning visuals, fine-tuned for gaming and video streaming. Up your game with a widescreen field of view, FHD+ clarity, and insanely accurate color reproduction.

Gaming is just better on mars