The New Benchmark for Mobile Gaming

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855+ / Adreno 640
Gaming powerhouse with 15% faster* graphics rendering.
UFS 3.0 Storage
Blazing-fast for quicker loading and smoother performance.
Up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of Storage
More room for games. More RAM for gaming.

*Compared to the standard Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855

// 01

Fan-powered Liquid Cooling

When the competition heats up, stay cool with the RedMagic 3S.

Innovative active cooling combines a liquid-filled heat pipe, internal turbo fan, and enhanced air vents for supreme heat dissipation. The result? Comfortable gaming, insane frame rates, and jaw-dropping graphics.

Fan-powered Liquid Cooling

RedMagic 3S vs. Passively cooled gaming phones:

  • CPU max clock runtime: +900%
  • CPU core temperature: -16°C
  • Effective heat transfer: +500%
// 02

90Hz Smooth Gaming

Unleash the true potential of your game collection on the RedMagic 3S's widescreen HDR AMOLED display, featuring a 90Hz refresh rate for buttery-smooth action, responsive control, and stunning visuals. Say goodbye to lag, screen tearing, and motion blur—for good.

  • 6.65" ultra-widescreen (19.5:9) FDH AMOLED display

  • 240Hz touch response rate (40.02ms response time)

  • 90Hz screen refresh rate

  • HDR support

// 03

Unstoppable Battery

Worried about intensive games draining your battery life? Don’t be. With a whopping 5,000mAh battery, you can game for hours on a single charge. When you do decide to top up, 18W quick charging means you’ll be back to 100% in no time.

// 04

Pro Triggers

Ideal for FPS and racing games, built-in capacitive triggers make it easier to pull of insane combos in touchscreen games with complex controls. Simply customize each trigger to correspond to an on-screen action and experience a whole new way to play.

// 05

Upgraded Gaming Hub

Updated with an all-new game recording feature, Game Space 2.1 lets you quickly launch games, tweak settings, monitor performance stats, and more.

If you want to focus on winning, disable calls and notifications for interruption-free gaming. It’s the pro-dashboard for serious gamers.

Designed for Gaming

// 01

RGB Effects

The signature RedMagic RGB strip is infinitely customizable with multiple lighting effects and 16.8 million color options. Turn it on with Game Space 2.1 and let the world know it’s go time.

// 02

Connect Everything

Next-level connectivity is easy on the RedMagic 3S. Listen with wired 3.5mm headphones , connect to high-speed ethernet, and quick charge via Type-C with the Magic Adapter* , attaching with a simple snap.

*Sold separately.

// 03


Gunfire. Explosions. Footsteps. Revving engines. Feel the action with the RedMagic 3S’s enhanced vibration engine, custom-tailored to every game with our intelligent haptic engine.

// 04

Ergonomic Comfort

Long gaming session? No problem. The RedMagic 3S’s curved corners, unique convex shape, and grippy build keep you comfortable and in control.

// 05

Choose your Team

Available in three bold gaming-inspired colors:

  • Mecha Silver
  • Cyber Shade
  • Eclipse Black

Elite Daily Driver

// 01

Stunning Photography

When you’re not gaming, capture amazing photos and videos with the elite Sony IMX586 sensor.

Not a natural photographer? We’ve got you covered: built-in NeoVision camera software makes every shot brighter, clearer, and more vivid.

  • 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor
  • Large F/1.79 aperture
  • Wide-angle lens
  • 8K video capture

For live streaming, selfies, and video chatting, the RedMagic 3S boasts a 16MP front-facing camera for crystal clarity.

// 02

Dual Stereo Speakers

Engineered specifically for gaming, dual stereo speaker and DTS:X/DTS 7.1 technologies produce seriously impressive sound—with or without headphones. Movies are more immersive and games are more cinematic on the RedMagic 3S.

sound sound
// 03

Stock Android

Clean, light, and polished, the RedMagic 3S has no bloatware, no pre-installed games, and no overbearing skins.

Sometimes, simple is better.


*Compared to the standard Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855